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Call Toll Free: 1-888-460-4619

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Important Ordering Information

Minimum orders - 100 items


All items can be mixed and matched with the exception of certian items. Contact us for more details.


How to get started with your order.


  1. Send us a color picture of your lighthouse, custom graphic, or logo by mail or email to
  2. Tell us what you want on the front banner.
  3. Send us the historical copy you want on the back of the item.
  4. Both drawing and back copy will be sent to you for approval before decal is ordered.
  5. It takes approximatly 6-7 weeks from start to finish



Looking for a new fundraising idea?


We now produce a patriotic ornament with the Great Seal of the United States in full color on the front and the Preamble of the U.S. Constitiution on the back, trimmed in 22 K gold.  What a great way to honor our country!


Call us to see how this ornament can enhance your  fundraising efforts!


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